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Start renovating from the ground up with reclaimed terracotta tile & limestone flooring. Reclaimed from around the world, France, Italy, Belgium limestone, terracotta tiles, & decorative tiles.
When navigating the terrain of vintage storage and novelties, a world of marvel and whimsy awaits. Here you will find everything from coffee grinders to casseroles.
Runners, ticking, towels and napkins: vintage kitchen linens provide the final touches that make each meal just a little more exceptional.
It’s all in the presentation. Antique serveware ensures that food looks its best when presented on the finest serving dishes. Alternatively, put your ironstone platters, pewter trays, dessert stands and Depression Glass serving dishes on display – as they look just as good all on their own.
Never waning in desirability, antique glassware is as enchanting to look at as it is lively, robust and unique. Timeless brands like Lenox and Roseville and styles like Art Deco and Mid Century are a welcome addition to any display shelf.
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