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Wine Harvest Tiles


This set of four hand-painted terracotta tiles tells the story of winemaking from the harvest through the drinking! First, is “La Vendemmia” or grape harvest; then “Lo Strettoio” pressing the grapes; next “La Mescita” tapping the barrel; and finally “Il Saggio Bevitore” the wise man says “un bicchiere di vino fa buon sangue” or a glass of wine is good for your health. A very wise man!

These hand-painted tiles are perfect for a wine cellar or for any room that needs a little colorful character. Suitable for outdoor use only in mild climates. Each tile has a hefty wire hanger.

These tiles are handcrafted by a small workshop in Montelupo, Tuscany. Since they are handcrafted, slight variations should be expected.

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Countryside Italian Bowls.  They are are the simple old fashion shaped bowl that have been used in Italy for generations!   The shape is great.  You'll find some dripping of the glaze which is the makers mark.  Not perfect and that is why customers love these bowls so much!  Handmade by potters in Puglia, Italy using a traditional Pugliese shape that has been a part of Italian homes for centuries. Set of Four $115

Years ago, large amphora shaped terracotta jars like this were used for wine, vinegar or water.  Today, these antique jars from Puglia, Italy make a unique decorative statement.

The wear, imperfections and history (seen in the  gallery photos) are the qualities that make antique pottery unique and desirable.

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