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Vintage Sleds and Sleighs

Gail Smith-Peterson

Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson
Vintage Sleds and Sleighs

So many favorite and nostalgic images of Christmas include pure olde school fun on sleds and sleigh rides. Images that inspire the holidays with vintage beauty and happiness. Keep watch, at second Shout Out we have vintage sleds like these to use outdoors for your holiday decor. Truly a magical sight.

Below 1900s Sled from Hungary - See here at Second Shout Out

Below found at Second Shout Out ~ Vintage Child's Push Sled

If you dare and have a large enough space why not bring them inside, after all it’s Christmas!

My design tip: Vintage toys, ski’s, sleds and skates curate a playful and nostalgic feeling to holiday decor, have fun with them.
A beautiful Saturday to you,
Team & Lifestyle Vintage Contributor
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