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Vintage Juice Carafe, Squeezing Sunshine





Good Mornin Darlins

I hope your Weekend is be fabulous!

My family LOVE LOVE LOVES their fresh squeezed liquid sunshine, we call it!

Our grove has a few orange trees, clementines and other fruits. We also have our new grove of over 120 lemon trees...
We just had our 4th pick! I get so excited to know someone will be slicing one of our lemons for their sweet tee!

Oh... by the way they are in bloom, when you approach our gates the fragrance is in intoxicating... I would love to do a scented post!!!! {hmm....will get my techie mind wrapped around it and will invent it soon} Yeah Heehee!

Any whoo... FYI this is what I figured it takes our morning to make OJ...

12 medium oranges to equal a 16 oz glass... I usually juice about 24 to 30 oranges a day for my family! We have a fabulous industrial sort of juicer we have had for-ev-er!

Cheers to your morning....let this fill you with California fresh squeezed liquid Sunshine and a HUG!!


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Don't you want to wear this colour for summer !

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