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Organic Hemp Hand Screened Pillows, Terracotta


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These designs were inspired through travels to Italy exploring architectural salvage yards where you find the most amazing hand-painted reclaimed Italian  antique tiles. If you have ever visited one of these places in Italy, then we share this vivid picture in our mind.  There are racks and racks of these beautiful tiles and it is quite a visual treat. These pillows are  unique and artistic.  We wanted the designs and colors to be authentic , just like the tiles.  They are antique in design and we really feel they  would look equally great in a traditional, rustic  or modern home.

24 X 24 inches feather down fill - Organic hemp cotton canvas.  The fabric is dampened or dyed, then when it dries and shrinks up a bit creating  a soft, sophisticated bohemian appeal.

The pillows are screen printed and every single pillow is hand screened.  This is what gives each pillows its own characteristics and personality,  No two pillows are exactly alike, different pressure from how the paint was pulled through the screens makes each pillow unique.


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