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October’s Hush

Gail Smith-Peterson

Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson
October’s Hush

Interesting that October is called the “hush before winter”. It really is…
The leaves quietly turn beautifully then fall to the ground blanketing it in preparation of winter.

We begin to blanket ourselves in Autumns cozy fashions and our homes with textures that connect us to nature. A welcoming sprig of berries, wreaths and pumpkins inspire the beginning of the October. Dinners into the crisp evenings outdoors are surely to be relaxing and memorable.

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My design tip: Gather your vintage adornments. Layer your clothing, your home and your outdoor dining spaces with cozy textures in natural shades.
Layer your spirit with the hush of October.

xo, Gail
Lifestyle Vintage Contributor
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