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Nature’s Own Christmas Beauty

Gail Smith-Peterson

Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson ~ Nature’s Own Christmas Beauty

Every year when I think about my Christmas decor I visualize natures beauty, snow, evergreens with barren branches and twigs.

The elements naturally exude texture and have a heartiness of the rugged outdoors.

This birch star made from branches is gorgeous. I can imagine how beautiful it would be with twinkle lights, can you?

This twig star has a shadow effect I love the primitive shape. It looks simple to make.

What would Christmas be without reindeer? They are simply iconic and magical.

Tiny gilded acorns strung onto twine can be that little touch of nature that you need.

Moss covered stars are just lovely.

I hope you are inspired by natures beautiful decor. Inspiration for decorating Christmas is sometimes right in our back yard. Take a stroll in the woods, you might think it’s decorated just for you, enjoy the beauty.

My design tip: Natural elements take time to collect; making them can be a project for the whole family. The memories will last forever.

Have a beautiful weekend,

Lifestyle Vintage Contributor
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Photo source: All photos by Gail Smith-Peterson


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