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Landscape Design

Second Shout Out

"With each garden, with each project we are going deeper into the understanding of ourselves. As in life, we take courage to move forward from our own image of what people think we are or in fact what we believe ourselves to be." ~ Luciano Giubbilei

Luciano Giubbilei is a landscape design practice that focuses on the development of its work based on close and constant dialogue with architects, plantsmen, craftsmen and selected specialists on a wide range of projects, from private gardens to rural landscapes through to institutional spaces. Collaboration has always been at the centre of our design development; instead of designing with a singular vision, we relish the spirit of collaboration. It is that which pushes our creative process harder and harder, moving us from our familiar language.

Known today for the understated elegance and serenity of our gardens, defined by light and influenced by the classical Italian design heritage of proportion and balance. They are developed through the exploration of spacing, rhythm and the repetition of single elements. Our motivation is to create timeless spaces, multi-layered environments where culture and nature are in close communication. Our approach is constantly evolving, both in response to individual clients and to the unique site characteristics, to forge an emotional connection between the place and the people, valuing local materials and expressing our desire to connect people to nature not merely through plants and flowers but through the spacial arrangement and its beauty.


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