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The Italian Car ~ Vintage Fiats, Cinquecento


The Fiat 500 has to be one of the cutest cars on the planet, ever! They started out cute in 1957 when they rolled out the first ones with it’s soft curvy lines and slightly stunted nose and then in 1960 they introduced the “Giardinetta” version which was the “station wagon” Of the time. Omero Home has a wonderful Collection of Vintage Fiats from Italy.



1957 Fiat 500

The car evolved through the years but always maintained it’s cute line and stubby little nose. It’s a car with much character and screams of the perfect date night automobile.
Can you imagine your amour next to you, picnic basket in back filled with the best from the farmers market and two bottles of wine (one for each ☺). You find the perfect grassy knoll looking over a beautiful valley and your Vintage Fiat 500 parked just off to the side watching and smiling as you
Enjoy the perfect date.

You’ve met the “one” and you want to impress and know if you pulled up in one of these little beauties it would be perfect from here on out. Your thinking to yourself, shoot where do I get one of these sweet little Italian piece, well don’t worry you don’t have to look far. It just so happens that
Omero Home sells these little cuties. That’s right, they sell these. Well maybe not a 1957 one but they have a few newer vintage ones that would be sure to impress.

Click here > 1970 Vintage Fiat 500



Click here > 1971 Vintage Fiat 500


So, you see, no worries there is the perfect vintage Fiat 500 at Omero Home just for you
And your amour.
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