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Fromage Blanc Accoutrements

Gail Smith-Peterson

Something as simple as Fromage blanc from Paris can be so special and appealing.

I adore everything about this 1935 photo of a Paris Fromage frais seller. His clothing, the salesmen case and especially the goats, look like a scene from a movie.

A quaint shop specializing in Fromagerie, how fun would it be to ride a vintage bike to the village and fill the basket with bread and cheese!

These are the most gorgeous carrara marble counters and shelves I’ve ever seen. Anything would be stunning displayed on them.

Does this Fromage blanc et framboises almost a french yogurt with raspberries look delicious? Or perhaps it’s all about the pretty presentation! Vintage silver spoons and pretty glass?

A vintage milk bottle, glass and ironstone plate perfect for this snack.

A vintage farm table is simple yet the beauty of the Fromage and the pairings make an elegant presentation.

So I’m wondering do we love the boards? Are we romanced by the serving accouterments and how they are artfully used in the presentation?

Or do we love it all...the romance of the Fromage blanc!

My design tip: Anything can be presented simply and look delicious if you use some special vintage pieces and artfully arrange the items.

Have a beautiful autumn weekend, Sip some wine, crack open a loaf of bread and try tasting some delicious fromage blanc.
Team & Lifestyle Vintage Contributor
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Photo source: found on Pinterest



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