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Eleven, The Experience


Life is about the experience. At Eleven, they custom-design unique global adventures for family, friends and business associates. Whether heli-skiing near the Arctic Circle in Iceland or casting for bonefish on a remote island in the Bahamas, Eleven experiences are a different kind of escape. We are not found in traditional destinations. Our lodges, chalets and beach houses are miles from the main road - in a historic farming village high along the French-Italian border, on a rugged river in Patagonia, off the coast of Eastern Long Island, and in other unique locations away from the crowd.

In each destination, world-class food and lodging are combined with rigorous guided outdoor activities on mountains, in the backcountry, and on the water for guests of all ages and all skill levels. In urban locations our guides gracefully introduce guests to local culture, knowledge and places known only to native insiders. No matter where in the world they may be, every facility has five star accommodations, award-winning chefs, extensive wine cellars, saunas, steam rooms, spas, and friendly, expert guides who will show you new dimensions of life, friendship, family and adventure.

Their goal is to provide guests with their most unforgettable life experiences. In a world increasingly cluttered by material possessions, our trophies are exceptional and enduring memories of life well-spent. Eleven Experience appeals to highly accomplished and respectful people who love the outdoors and are curious about the world, who appreciate the local environments in which we operate and are eager to live unobtrusively in them during their stay with us.

Check Eleven Experience npw, it's the perfect adventure for living...

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