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Black & White Design

Gail Smith-Peterson

Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson
Black & White Design
Design with a Black and White aesthetic is unique.  Amazingly checks all the right boxes. It’s casual, chic, classy, cool, comfy, crisp, elegant & timeless, from exterior shops to houses. Unforgettable spaces can be centered on only two colors.

Adding character to spaces with black or white wood pieces.

A child’s room is calming, cozy and playful with just the right elements and textures of black and white.

Our fashion and Design world will always be at the helm with Black and White.

My design tip: Give a black and white space warmth with vintage materials, nothing too shiny, textures and softness.

Enjoy your summer weekend.
Team & Lifestyle Vintage Contributor
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