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About Us

Omero Home is inspired by Adventure, Style and Music.  Our passion is to build bridges between the past and the future. To create a divine harmony between cultures and between todays values and those of thousands of years ago. We're here to enhance personal environments.


When seeking our sources we look for creative alchemists. Our sources come from across the globe capturing various styles of home décor, from luxury to rustic refined and relaxed styles that all blend with our modern lives.  We also sell vintage Fiat cars, after traveling around in Florence Italy in a 1960 Fiat and crossing the Arno River we couldn't help but fall in love with this little fabulous and fun car so of course we had to offer these to our customers it only seems fair. Our architectural flooring is a large part of our site and we believe is the foundation of our home. We like to think that the place where we stand is "holy ground", where we walk and live with our family.


Our Customer seeks to find authentic goods as the world becomes increasingly homogenized with mass production people are hungry for unique and old world artisan items. It’s the journey that each piece on our site travels. The image of the long hours of laboring of a finely crafted wood table or the inspiration from a 500 year old design recreated on a bowl for the modern day kitchen. We seek to find, explore and inspire all products we bring to our customer. This is why our customer can be ensured of a trusted shopping experience. We pursue a path of the good life and the finer products for our customers to create a well traveled home.



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