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Vintage Style Dog Houses

Jamie Altman

Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” with Gail Smith-Peterson

Vintage style dog houses.

Want to give your dog the best looking house around? Salvaged materials, wood, roofing shingles and some fancy repurposed architectural details are all you need to get started on your one of a kind puppy palace! Dogs like to be cozy, they should have a place of their own where they can feel safe and be sheltered.

I have been searching for some inspiration for my vintage dog house project. Here are a few I fell in love with!

This dog house is my favorite style... Love the fret work along the roof facia!


I am thinking of elevating our dog house around a tree...One of our dogs like to be up high and look out over everything! The porch would be the perfect place for her to hang out.

This made a bit smaller for two dogs to share! A ramp for them to get up there would be perfect!


The house being raises provides shade underneath for those dog days of summer!


This glass solarium style is cool made with old windows, but would likely be for real small dogs...


Everything you surround yourself should have style!

Soon we will begin a project building a couple dog houses, we just added a new Saint Bernard puppy to our family this week, we haven’t settled on his name yet. Though it’s fun coming up with names...we just have to vote as a family!

My design tip: Complementing the style and architecture of your home with your dog house would be a good idea, after all it’s another little out building!



TEAM and Lifestyle Vintage Contributor

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Photo source: All photos by Gail Smith-Peterson

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