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Le Garde Manger

Jamie Altman

Le Garde Manger, A Vintage Food Storage Box

Since moving to France, I have become enamored with 'le garde manger' -- a food storage box that has been used in French homes for centuries. The term 'garde manger' was originally used for a designated area of the kitchen or house that was used to store food items that needed to be cool ...or cooler than just sitting out on table or counter.




The type that I have been finding at the Brocantes and shops are the portable small box to large cabinet styles, normally with a handle on top. But they actually come in different shapes and sizes; some square or rectangular boxes and often they look like little houses with pitched roofs, natural wood or painted.




This one I use in my kitchen. It’s ‘new’ but made of reclaimed hardwood. Antique, vintage or new -- small ones are made to hold eggs and cheese (or in my case used for storing confiture, drying herbs and a 'safe' place to keep fruits and vegetables on the table.)

Merci  ~ A bientot!


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